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Following the v4.x release, itty-router is no longer “just” the Router function. For convenience and a better DX, we’ve wrapped the “extras” from itty-router-extras, and the CORS handling of itty-cors into the core library. As a result of this, the reported bundle size for the entire library is a bit inflated from previous numbers. If tree-saking is a concern, or you would like to build upon just the Router for instance, tree-shaking is your solution.

With v4.x, all exposed exports can be accessed from the top-level import OR namespaced by target function. Depending on your combination, one or the other may be preferable. See example below.

// top-level import
import { Router, json } from 'itty-router' // 957B (603B zipped)

// tree-shaking
import { Router } from 'itty-router/Router' // 637B (430B zipped)
import { json } from 'itty-router/json' // 253B (204B zipped)