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TypeScript > Request Types - itty-router

Throughout the type definitions in this library, you'll notice we use one of two types to define requests flowing through the router/handlers:

  1. IRequestStrict - This extends Request and adds our custom properties.

  2. IRequest (default) - This takes IRequestStrict, then adds generic traps to allow undefined properties. This is the default request type in itty, specifically to allow lazy typing unless more strict typing is needed.

Strict Mode

To enforce strict types, extend IRequestStrict.

import { IRequestStrict } from 'itty-router'

type FooRequest = {
  foo: string
} & IRequestStrict

Lazy Mode

For a more generic approach, extend IRequest. This is mostly useful if you're modifying/accessing properties on the request and don't want to be chasing types all day.

import { IRequest } from 'itty-router'

type FooRequest = {
  foo: string
} & IRequest

TLDR; Great for sandboxing, maybe not so great for production.